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Feasibility Studies

The most appropriate way to assess the risk and potential success of an aquaculture venture begins with an accurate feasibility study.


AQAR has professionals specialized in different areas of the business to diagnose the feasibility of implementing your project idea.


We have experience in the evaluation and management of aquaculture projects in different regions of Argentina; we can guide your company to take the right decision.

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Business Plan  

Once the project feasibility stage has been completed, AQAR will design a business plan adapted to your needs and focused on the productive and economic sustainability of the project without neglecting the environmental and social aspects.


Our team leaders, with interdisciplinary professional expertise, share the same vision: the development of innovative and profitable projects that maximize the use of the resources and add value to the products through circular economy strategies.

Project Management

AQAR has a wide network of national and international providers to design, build and start-up your aquaculture venture.


In AQAR we will analyze and select the best technology compatible with the needs of your business, ensuring an optimal balance between the environmental specific conditions of the project, investment level, operative cost and product added value.



We love developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture value chain to efficiently produce high-quality aquatic food.


AQAR operates mainly developing solutions for the aquaculture industry in Argentina, a country considered with great environmental potential for the growth of the aquaculture in the coming years. Thanks to the benefits provided by different aquatic environments in the country, added to the wide range of different raw materials for animal production, Argentina has clear competitive advantages for the development of natural products differentiated by certified quality.


In AQAR, one of our priority objectives is to provide support to those companies interested in exploring aquaculture as an authentic business opportunity, guiding them in the development process of the venture, from the project idea to its management in the field.


We have team leaders with extensive experience in the different areas that involve the development of the aquaculture business. This, added to our vocation for teamwork, allows us to develop optimized solutions specifically designed for each project.




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